Tarot is a form of divination, using a deck of cards depicting various characteristics using art, symbols, colors, actions, meanings and key words. The combinations and translations can help the receiver decipher known and unknown circumstances, undercurrents, possibilities and opportunities to help answer the question in mind.

zen tarot
Divination is defined as the practice of seeking knowledge of the future or the unknown by supernatural means.
It is a form of prayer, a way of talking to God, Angels and Subconscious.
Tarot is meant to assist in feelings of comfort, wholeness, and ways of making decisions to create a positive change.

Evolutionary Tarot Deck from Richard Hatnett
Evolutionary Tarot Deck
by Richard Hartenett


Color Readings
What do your colors say about you?
color chart
A color reading can give you insight to your physical, mental and spiritual health.
Color readings can be interpreted in a variety of different ways.
Colors can gauge different aspects of one's body and immediate environment.
Interpretations can include temperature elements, organs, spiritual forms and emotions.
It is a visual form of body mapping.
Jen uses a combination of her training in Chinese Medicine, Energy Reading and Intuition to provide connections, messages, knowledge and support for the receiver.

Other Common Divination Tools
-angel cards

-astrological symbols
-books and beads
-egg readings
-henna tattoos


-personal alters

-statues and images
-stones and runes
-tarot cards
-tea leaf readings

-vision boards
-water crystals