An Aura is an electromagnetic field that emanates from and surrounds all living things.
Everything has
its own specific vibration and frequency.
Vibrations and frequencies can change based on a variety of factors including nutrition, elements, environment and emotions.
Using a electromagnetic biofeedback camera, the frequencies are transferred to visions of color.
Each color relates to a specific message of emotions, health and spiritual growth.
One can see confirmation of their current state or recent changes in their energy field using aura photography.
It can be used as a guide for confirmation of deep feelings, changes in life cycles and personal experiences.

Individual Photo Samples

6 month old baby
6 Month Old Baby
aura photo
Rainbow Healer Aura
Aura with Entities
With JOG Entities
dia aura
Lukumi Priestess of Yemaya
julie aura
Healing Child Aura
god aura
Connection to God 


Before And After Photo Samples

Before and After Aura 1
Before and After Acupuncture Treatment with
Jen Davies, LAc
before and after aura photo 2
Before and After an Astrology Reading with Joy Vernon